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Philosophy and approach
Watch Principal Tom Batty discussing his educational vision for the School with
senior Scotch College boys, and read more about the School's strategic intents for the School and the ways in which we are delivering the best possible education for
our boys.


Principal Tom Batty in conversation

Scotch College Principal Tom Batty discusses his vision for education at Scotch College with 2013 Year 12 students ..

Our Vision

A Scotch education is founded on experience and rich traditions, and strengthened with the fruits of reflection and research.

The continuing development of our wonderful campus at Hawthorn is designed to support the School’s educational objectives.

As a clear and accessible example of the design process itself, the Design and Technology Cube will deliver a continual creative stimulus for boys and staff, while providing purpose-built spaces in which they can engage, reflect and refine.

The School’s educational strategy is premised on intimacy, relationships and engagement, and based on conversations of learning between and amongst boys and staff. By knowing each boy, we are able to help him to identify and make the most of his opportunities – developing interests that can become passions and fostering habits of mind that will continue with him for life. In an information-rich age, boys will acquire the discernment, not only to identify problems to be solved, but also the specific skills and people required to bring their plans to fruition.

Across the full range of our diverse intake, each boy will be able to explore all that is inherent in transforming an idea into a solution to a real world problem. In so doing, boys will be empowered with the adaptability and purpose to take control of their lives and be a positive influence in a complex, exciting world of challenge and opportunity.

As in the past, the School, and the School Council supported by the Foundation, will look to engage the Scotch Family to help deliver this exciting project.

For more information about the Design and Technology Cube, and how you might make our plans a reality, please contact the Director of Development, Tim Shearer, on + 61 3 9810 4301 or tim.shearer@scotch.vic.edu.au.

Download a PDF of the Scotch College Vision document (PDF 123kb)


Development Plan


A process of renewal
The Development Plan aims to develop the physical environment of our School to provide a landscape in which boys and staff interact and forge relationships through intimacy and knowledge.

Our Development Plan
1. Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Science
2. Design and Technology Cube
3. Lithgow Centre refurbishment
4. Cafeteria
5. Student and mathematics centre
6. Underground lecture space
7. New grounds facility and refurbished compound
8. Main Oval Pavilion
9. New boarding house building and refurbishment
10. Glenn Centre refurbishment
11. Junior School building wing and gymnasium