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How is science taught at Scotch College?

Science at Scotch is an opportunity to explore, to enquire and to discuss. Existing facilities allow students to explore concepts and conduct experiments across the scientific disciplines. Classes incorporate the latest in learning techniques such as conversation, enquiry and feedback.

What opportunities for science extension are there at Scotch College?

Extension work in Science is encouraged through extended learning, competitions such as the Rio Tinto Big Science Competition and Challenge classes. Year 11 students can participate in the National Olympiad programs in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Scotch has a website for each of the year levels in Science that boys and staff can refer to which relates to topics in the Science Curriculum and features videos and worksheets as well as interactive games and quizzes.


How can I get extra help or support in science at Scotch College?

Students are always welcome to see their class teachers and others outside class times. It is not uncommon to see a discussion on aspects of sciences during recess, lunchtime and after School in various spaces around the School such as the Physics Foyer. Students are encouraged to ask questions and teachers regularly obtain feedback to better support learning. Extra classes are held after School on a needs basis, particularly close to examinations.

What plans does Scotch have for the future of science at the School?

At Scotch College we value science teaching and facilities very highly – in our current Development Plan, the first project to be delivered will be a state-of-the-art teaching and learning Centre for Science, scheduled for completion in 2016. You can find out more in the September 2013 Great Scot School magazine.

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