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Seven students have scored 50 (perfect score) in Chemistry over the past 5 years. The first of these students is completing his final year of Denistry at Melbourne University. The second has been studying for his Master of Engineering at Cambridge University and is currently on a one year exchange at MIT and has also accepted an internship with Google. The third is studying medicine at Melbourne University and the fourth student, who won a Premier’s Award for being one of the top 5 students in Chemistry in 2011 and who represented Australia in the Chemistry Olympiad in Istanbul in 2011 is studying Medicine at Monash University as well as writing the ATAR study guide for Chemistry Units 3 and 4. The fifth student is studying Commerce at Melbourne University and the sixth is studying Science at Melbourne University. Details relating to the seventh student are unknown at the time of writing.

Chemistry students take part in the Royal Chemistry Quiz each year at Year 10, 11 and 12, a competition open to students who live in Australia and South-East Asia. In 2012 3 year 10 students achieved a perfect score in this quiz. Senior Chemistry students take part in the RACI Titration Stakes each year where small groups compete against groups from other schools to determine the most accurate team in each state. In 2013 35 students are taking part in the Chemistry Olympiad Course at Year 11 level. Two year 11 students from 2012 attended the summer school and are waiting to see if they have made the Australian team. Several chemistry students attend enhancement Chemistry classes at Monash University (first year Chemistry classes).


Each year Scotch participates in the Biology Olympiad Qualifying Exam. Students preparing for this examination attend extra lessons on top of their regular classes to further develop their Biology skills and understanding. Scotch students have regularly achieved distinctions in the competition over the past few years.

The last three Deuces of Biology are now currently studying Medicine at Monash University.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science has been a VCE discipline since the year 2000. Over the past five years, Environmental Science students have participated in a project to restore an area to native woodland on the banks of the Yarra. This has included identifying and removing weeds from the site and collecting and germinating seeds from remnant vegetation in the area.


Physics continues to be a popular subject at Scotch with nearly 100 boys enrolled in 2012 and over 90 in 2013. Students have had success in the VCE (Year 12) studies as well as the Olympiad program in Year 11.

In the Olympiad program conducted in year 11, we continue to have students represent our school in the National Summer School, to which only 70 students from around Australia are selected. One of these students was ultimately selected in the 4 person Australian team to represent Australia at the International Physics Olympiad.

7 students have scored a perfect score of 50 in the past 5 years. One of these students is studying engineering at Monash University, while another 4 are are studying Medicine at Monash University.


Over time Psychology has erroneously been considered a “humanities” subject, and is still popularly believed to be so. We believe that Psychology is in fact a science. Psychological research is thoroughly peer reviewed and has to pass strict statistical significance testing. Psychology will be included in the Life Sciences level in the new science centre, with a specifically built lab for Psychology classes.

Psychology has been offered at Scotch since 2001 making it the schools youngest science. The subject includes a year 10 semester elective, and VCE Units 1 through to 4. The subject is very popular with strong enrolments from year 10 through to year 12. In Victoria, Psychology is the third most popular subject in the state. 

Psychology is a science and a major component of the course is teaching boys how psychological research follows the scientific method, and the variety of research methods that can be utilised to increase the validity and reliability of data.

Other very important components of the course contribute greatly to boys’ lifelong learning including: positive mental health and an understanding of biopsychosocial model of mental health problems suffered by others, the ethics of professional conduct and research, the brain and how it interacts with the body and its environment, mechanisms of memory and learning, the impact of nature and nurture, how we change over the lifespan, and how the past and present impact social behaviour.

As yet there are no national competitions for Psychology at a senior level, however for the first year ever there is the “Australian Brain Bee Challenge” which is open to year 10 students around Australia. We currently have at least five students who have registered for this competition.

One student has scored 50 over the past five years.

One of our former students is completing his final year of Dentistry at Melbourne University. Another is completing Commerce at the University of Melbourne and hopes to pursue a career in marketing where he would like to utilise his psychology studies from both university and school. 
Another is completing Health Sciences/Physiotherapy Practice(La Trobe University/Bundoora).

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