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Science is relevant far beyond the careers that traditionally spring to mind. Increasingly, the sciences and their applications influence ethical, political and environmental decision-making at all levels of public and private planning.


Scientific advancement changes our knowledge of the world in which we live; it enables us to improve the lives of individuals, communities and nations, but perhaps the greatest gift of a science education is that in informing our thinking it becomes an intrinsic part of the habits of our mind, the crafts of living which determine each person’s engagements and decision making. In so doing, science, knowingly or otherwise, becomes part of our daily diet of conversation as to what the world could become.

The case for science education is increasingly being made by those with a keen eye on the future of our country. In December 2012, the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) announced that Australian performances in science and mathematics have largely stagnated.

Meanwhile, Australia’s neighbouring countries are making leaps and bounds in scientific research and education. As a nation, we need to build strong foundations for future generations to thrive in science and mathematics.



Scotch as a leader in Science

Scotch has a proud history in science, dating back to Scotch’s originating document in which Rev. James Forbes requested ‘an accomplished Teacher to take charge of an Academy for instruction in the higher branches of science and literature…’

To this day, a clear vision to educate and encourage our boys to question and to find answers through science has lived on at Scotch. Whilst current facilities developed in the ‘60s and ‘70s provided our Old Boys with rich teachings in science, we find ourselves in a time where education is changing. No longer is science curriculum defined by rote learning facts and figures. Today, classrooms are places of passionate debate, lively conversation and small focused discussions.

In order to further Scotch as a strong leader in education, we must provide our boys with the facilities, equipment and expertise to encourage their interests and expand their potential in science.

Scotch has a rich history of producing leaders in all facets of our society. Old Scotch Collegians throughout history have played significant roles in the development of a democratic Australia, influencing the journey towards a humane world for everyone. As educators of future leaders, it is our responsibility to grow curious minds, adaptable to scientific patterns and the opportunities they encounter.

Advanced science students are encouraged to engage with mentors through our extension programme. Mentors come from a wide range of science-related fields, showing our boys the possibilities that extend from studying science during their time at Scotch. If you are interested in taking part in the mentor program, please contact the Scotch College Science Department.



Great Scot September 2013
As part of our quest to elevate the importance of science at Scotch College, a number of articles have appeared in recent editions of Great Scot.


As part of our quest to elevate the importance of science at Scotch College, a number of articles have appeared in recent editions of Great Scot. You can read them here, or download PDF versions of the articles here. (1.2mb)